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Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Every few months we come across posts on social media pleading for help. The poster's new whippet puppy went from being a sweet and cuddly puppy to an excitable and overly snappy baby shark. What a new owner needs to remember is that from 12 weeks until 6 months of age your puppy's dentition is changing. They start the painful process of losing their primary teeth as their adults ones push their way through the gums. Your puppy's mouth is often raw and uncomfortable and you may even notice areas bleeding along with the occasional tooth on the ground. Even more oddly, around the time your puppy starts teething you'll notice the most bizarre things seem to be happening with their ears. What once was the picture of utter perfection will be flying high envelope ears folded forward and a host of other arrangements that look nothing short of ridiculous.
Instead of getting upset with your puppy while they are teething, remember it's YOUR job to set them up for success. That means don't play with your puppy with your hands. Use toys to engage them and toys they can chew on to help alleviate the discomfort in their mouths. It's important that your children understand this as well, as both adults and children need to model and reward desirable behaviour and redirect where appropriate. Check out our post on "Dog Friendly Chews" for more ideas about what is safe for your dog.

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