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Our Process

From our hands to yours

When it comes to whelping and rearing litters, nothing is more important for us!  We spend a great deal of time mapping out prospective pedigrees, meeting relatives and doing our best to make sure we are planning the best match for both our girl and future.  We will not compromise on demanding the very best temperaments and health from our dogs and any bloodline we bring into our home. 


We prioritize making our dam as comfortable as possible.  All our dogs live in our home and when it comes to whelping, our dam gets her own private bedroom, where we also sleep the first few weeks of the litter's arrival.  We monitor everyone's weight and growth daily and make sure our lovely new mom's needs are attended to. 

All our puppies are raised following the enrichment program of "Puppy Culture"  teaching them to seek novelty as a form of enrichment, raising confident, secure and bold puppies.  We invite our new families into our home around 4 weeks of age to meet the litter and help in socializing the puppies.  At this point in time the puppies are just starting to  show their personalities, play and vocalize!  It's the start of a new adventure for everyone, but it's still too soon to know which puppy will be matched to which family.  We do our very best to match families based on their sex preference and lifestyle to the puppies.

As the puppies grow we keep in touch with our families about everyone's growth, progress and all the big milestones!  We welcome families to visit on weekends, but even if their schedules do not permit they will receive a lot of content from us in the way of pictures and brief videos.  The puppies will go for the first set of vaccinations at 7 weeks of age and be micro-chipped and registered with the Canadian Kennel Club prior to departing to their new homes between 10 weeks of age.

Once the puppies leave for their new homes, that's not the end of our involvement.  We ask all our families to keep in touch while their new family member adjusts.  We are always their first resource for help, advice and support for the life of their dog and beyond!  

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