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Puppies coming in early 2024!  ​


The dam will be our beautiful and sweet Envie bred to the absolutely stunning Ardo  (Joanne Boudreault, Forgetmenot).   We’ve waited years for just the right opportunity to move forward with as we build our foundation.  We believe this breeding has all the right attributes and they are going to be something special. Combining some of our favorites in the breed and bringing in some new blood of really typey and classic whippets!

The litter will be Futurity nominated with the American Whippet Club.  All health testing has been completed and submitted to OFA or will be prior to being bred.  (Echocardiograms, CAER (eye exams)).

We will be looking for a few lucky companion (pet) homes next year to take home one of these beautiful puppies.  Interested parties are encouraged to reach out and tell us about yourself, so in other news we are finally opening up our waiting list!  

Although our focus includes proving our dogs in the show ring we are not looking for show homes unless the party is a Breeder we are already working with. 

We welcome all inquiries including international, but please keep in mind puppies must be picked up in person. 

Test your readiness to bring home a whippet here!

 A little more about our sweet Envie: (pronounced “On-Vee”)

-She was pick of the litter from about the age of 18 hours after birth

-Her nickname around the house is “Vee” or “VeeVee” 

-She is the only whippet who sleeps in bed with us because unlike our other dogs who spend far too much of the night going in and out from under the covers, Envie snuggles up for the night and doesn’t move.  She's the best cuddle bug.

-She roos when she’s happy or excited and even smiles (lifts her upper lip to show her toothy grin)

-Envie is an amazing travel companion having travelled across Canada, USA, UK and now Europe!  

-She loves adventures year round and runs beside a bicycle, comes skiing in the winter and swimming in the summer   

-She’s a natural nanny dog between all the other dogs.  She’s also the favourite companion of Prin, Soleil and especially her dam Fleur. Everyone simply adores Vee

-Although whippets, like all dogs bark, Envie is overall our quietest dog, sometimes we jokingly call her our “house mouse”

-Her absolute favourite activity after zooming/running is showing.  Anytime we get dressed up for a formal event Envie literally comes running because she believes she’s going to a dog show!  

-Do you want to see what Envie looked like as a puppy?  Astute visitors will notice by scrolling through our “Gallery” page you can watch her grow up!  

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