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Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Finally a real athlete in the family!

Perhaps the above caption just applies to us at Aureate, but don't be fooled into thinking anything less of your whippet! They are such an awesome breed and especially when it comes to their extreme athleticism embodied in a medium sized dog, who also is a supreme couch surfer, comfort seeker and master of lounging! Talk about a contradiction.
Ski-joring with Fleur in the Kawartha Lakes

In terms of sporting opportunities with your whippet, this entirely depends on your own interests and motivation. If you are interested in training any of the following we recommend you find 1-3 sports your whippet naturally excels at and focus on training them. In our experience those that try to master a list of sports end up frustrated trying to excel at everything as opposed to using the opportunity to enrich life with their dog. The following are sports whippets naturally excel at and you may enjoy with your whippet:

-Lure coursing
-Straight or oval racing
-Fly ball
-Dock Diving
-Cani-cross (running with your dog)
-Bike-joring (cycling with your dog)
-Ski-joring (skiing with your dog)
-Nose Work
-Barn Hunt

By no means is this list exhaustive nor do we at Aureate expect our puppy homes to partake in any of these sports. Most Breeders and we are no exception value above all else loving and caring homes for our puppies 10x more than any title chasers. So don't ever feel pressured to perform for anyone other than you and your dog's own enrichment!

If you are looking for active outdoor dog gear our favourite company is Non-Stop Dogwear for bungees, harnesses, bike antennas and belts. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the high quality of their gear, we sure do!

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