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Am/Can GCh Shetara's She Smiled Sweetly CGN RN DS

Fleur was sired by a Sportingfield's dog (Can GCH Sportingfield's Rocks at Shetara) out of a Bo Bett bitch (Bo Bett Flew into Willowgate, who is a Speedy grand-daughter).  She represents her pedigree well.  Fleur exemplifies the classic long and low movement so typical of Sportingfield's and the elegance Bo Bett was renowned for!  We are thrilled to have her in our program.  


Fleur’s beautiful movement is only second to her natural presence and impeccable showmanship.  Fleur is a natural performer.  As our foundation bitch Fleur continues to make her mark in our program with her litter in 2020 and on our hearts with her endless enthusiasm and love.  She truly is a functional and athletic girl.  She has been a dream both in the show ring and the home.  

To visit Fleur's pedigree click here.

To read more about Fleur and her accomplishments click here.



BISS BIS OH Can GChS Am GCh Aureate's Sweet Envie AOM 

Envie is one of our hopefuls from our Declan (Am BISS MBIF GCH DC Harmony's Gogh the Distance SC FCh ROM) x Fleur litter.  We were blessed at Aureate to use this beautiful boy.  He offered us everything we were looking for and more than we ever imagined.  This breeding prioritized: movement, topline and temperament and boy have they delivered! It also doubles up on some of our all time favourite Sportingfield's and Harmony whippets.

The name "Envie" is French for desire/wish and we are excited for what the future holds for her!  She has been a standout since birth and is maturing beautifully into a smooth and typey bitch with a curvy silhouette. Envie thinks she is ready to take on the world and we could not possibly ask for a more charismatic girl.  In 2021, Envie became the FIRST whippet in Canadian history to earn her Grand Champion Bronze level!  She repeated this in 2022 with earning her Silver Grand Champion level with limited showing.  

 Envie welcomed her first litter in February 2024 and they are  stunning!  Later this year she will be returning to the show ring in Canada and Europe.  2025 we plan for Envie to welcome her second and final litter when we import semen from a boy we have admired for years in Sweden! 

To visit Envie's pedigree click here. 



Can GCh Am Ch Aureate's Sweet Soleil

Soleil is one of our hopefuls from our  Declan x Fleur litter.  Soleil is a phenomenal athlete enjoying coursing through the yard and already launches herself into the lake after her dam.  We look forward to pursuing both the show ring and other performance sports with Soleil as we think she's more than up for the challenge.  We knew Soleil would be staying at Aureate since she was 3.5 weeks old because of her beautiful layback and shoulder assembly.  We believe she is a beautiful example of the strength of her pedigree.  Soleil possesses substance, style, drive and balance.  She finished her championship quickly in Canada.  Her US Championship was earned under Hound Judges and completed at the AWC Midwest Specialty Weekend in 2022! 

Soleil will be bred in late Fall of 2024 for her first litter at Aureate.  To learn more click "Litters".


To visit Soleil's pedigree click here.



Can Ch Aureate's Sweet Printemps

Prin is one of our hopefuls for the show ring out of our Declan x Fleur litter.  Prin has been special since birth; to honour that she was given a name to compliment her dam.  "Printemps" is French for springtime, so between daughter and mother we have Spring Flower. Prin has the most amazing presence just like her mother and is always ready to deliver a performance.  She covers ground effortlessly and is incredibly smart!  Prin is elegant, balanced and loaded with presence! 


To visit Prin's pedigree click here.



Can Ch Aureate's Sweet Reign of Gold

Rowan is one of our hopefuls for the show ring out of our Declan x Fleur litter.  Rowan was one of two standouts at birth.  He was named after a type of Ash Tree in Ireland that produces vibrant orange berries.  His striking red brindle coat is sure to catch your eye as he moves beautifully across the ground.  He is biddable and ever so keen to please.  Rowan has been a joy to work with and train from the beginning.  


This boy is everything we hoped for with his effortless and ground covering movement.   Rowan has a beautiful headpiece, masculine elegance and not only the topline we were hoping for but wonderful curves that carry through to his underline!  We are honoured to share Rowan with his co-owners.  We think this boy will have a lot to offer! 


Rowan had a fabulous debut in 2021 showing only a couple of times. He finished in 2022 in one weekend winning over females and specials almost exclusively under Hound and Sighthound judges!  


To visit Rowan's pedigree click here. 


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