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Financial Readiness

The $$$ Bottom Line

After a lot of reflection we decided to expand our online education to prospective puppy owners on a more delicate yet fundamental topic discussing the financial responsibility of dog ownership.

According to the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) the annual cost of owning a puppy in Ontario in 2022 was estimated to be $5,016-$5,103.  The annual cost of dog ownership was estimated to be $3,999 *(OVMA, 2022).   Remember this does NOT include the purchase price of buying a well-bred dog, or if buying from a shelter or rescue the adoption fee (which IS a form of sale).

You can read more about the OVMA's cost breakdown on the reference link provided above.  We feel it is in fact a low estimate for the average cost of dog ownership and does not include a budget for emergency medical care.  Our point being if you are not in a position to be spending $5,000 -$ 7,000 annually on a dog, you are not ready for the 12-15 year commitment owning a whippet brings.

Below is our annual estimate of whippet ownership based on our experience.

  • Food $1200

  • Supplements $500 (salmon oil, glucosamine for dogs 3 years and older, probiotics)

  • Annual wellness exam with annual vaccinations $400

  • Heartworm bloodwork $150

  • Heartworm prevention with flea and tick coverage $320 (May-Nov)

  • Dog Beds and cozies $250

  • Whippet Specific winter clothing $200

  • Dental chews $300-400 (benebone, nohides (NOT rawhides), bully sticks

  • Travel fees (pet fees with hotels or dog sitter) depends on how much you travel but at bare minimum $300+

  • Pet Insurance $1200-1500

  • Treats and toys $300-400

Our modest estimate totals $4,870-$5,370.  Keep in mind this is once you are established with your dog.  It does not include new leashes, sighthound specific collars, crates, the cost of spay or neuter, training or dental care, competing in any dog sports/activities or yard maintenance to ensure your property continues to be dog safe.  It does not include emergency vet visits for injuries or lacerations. 

We encourage prospective puppy owners to take a long hard look at their finances.  If at the end of the day you feel prepared and have the resources to welcome a new dog into your home reach out to us.

**Remember this is an annual estimate, based on our experiences in responsible dog husbandry in the province of Ontario.  There are regional differences in the cost of veterinary care.  All $ is based on the CAD. 

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