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The Whippet Brain & Training

Hopefully you've taken the time to understand that sighthounds, being hounds, are not living and breathing creatures that exist simply to do their master's will! If that's what you're looking for, do not get a hound and certainly not a whippet! We've written under Breed History what sighthounds and specifically whippets were bred to do. With that in mind, we feel there is no better example of these key differences than the video shown below by Reino Väinaste. Watch how the border collie is anxious for commands. How they even whine with anticipation waiting for instruction! What does the whippet do? He's bored. He thinks, excuse us but to be frank, he likely thinks the handler is stupid for demanding all these tasks in a militant like fashion without any reward and no cessation in sight. He stretches, licks his lips and eventually decides he'll perform one of the tasks, albeit slowly. He then looks at the border collie and you can imagine what he's thinking, "you are both nuts!". Now it's not that the whippet doesn't know what's being asked, he just doesn't care! Don't get us wrong, whippets make wonderful training companions in Rally, Obedience, Trick Dogs and the like, but if you're used to drilling and repetition you're going to have to change YOUR training style when you engage with your whippet!

Video copyright Reino Väinaste

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