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Young Prospects

We look forward to introducing our newest up and coming show prospects!   On the rare occasion we may have older puppies we are looking at placing. 

Available Puppies



6 weeks old


This absolutely stunning and sweet boy is from our lovely Ardo x Envie litter whelped at the end of Feb '24.  He was an early standout.  Every once in a while as Breeders a puppy in our program captivates us and we want to hold onto them for a little bit longer: either to offer more enrichment and training or to watch them mature and make a decision about whether they should have a future in our small Program.  In Lux's case it was both.  Although long term in our household we do not keep intact males, as we have intact girls, eventually Lux will be looking for a wonderful home who will adore, enrich his life and he will offer endless love, entertainment and cuddles in return. 

Lux will not be available for his next big adventure until early fall 2024 as we wish to finish his Canadian Championship.  In the meantime he will continue with crate, leash and house-training.  He is already 6 weeks old and VERY good with his litter training.  He's smart, sweet and very biddable.  He will be making some long treks with our older girls as we travel this spring and be road and crate trained.  We work on recall starting from a very early age, but like all whippets he will benefit from ongoing reinforcement in his future home.  Lux will stay with us at Aureate as mentioned at least until the fall, but as long as required to find him the perfect home.  He has had lots of interest presently but as stated please appreciate he won't be available until later on.  Interested parties are encouraged to reach out and tell us about yourself and what you are looking for in your next companion.  

Addendum: Lux will come fully vaccinated, de-wormed, micro-chipped, CKC and AKC registered and be available to homes who want a dog who is both beautiful, sweet and can do everything.  All our puppies whether younger or older are the same price, even when a lot of extra time and resources have been poured into them. 

Future Prospects


A place to celebrate young puppies we are particularly excited about!  Some will be shown by us, some will be shown by their people and some may never enter the show ring as wonderful homes are always our priority!  All our whippets that either live with us or leave to new families are always companions first and foremost.



4 weeks old


This absolutely beautiful red brindle girl caught our attention at birth immediately as a throwback to her dam, Envie in appearance.  Later on as she has matured she reminded us even more of her dam in both in temperament and personality!  (We always joke we could have 100 whippets like Envie in house because she is so easy to live with).  Although that made it extra challenging to not keep her, we always do our best for our dogs first.  Her registered name "Aureate's Imber" comes from the day she was born.  In the morning it was beautifully sunny and unseasonably warm.  In the afternoon it was thundering and raining.  We spend a lot of time outdoors and enjoy a good spring downpour so Connie's name is Latin for "rain showers".


Connie will be joining her new family in the beginning of May!  At some point after she has settled in, perhaps the fall you might even see Connie in the show ring one day!  When you do, we know she'll blow you away as she has us with her absolutely sweeping side gait and long smooth silhouette.  How ever Connie matures we know she's going to wins hearts, turn heads and be an absolute doll in the house.  For us at Aureate fabulous whippets in wonderful homes is even more rewarding than the biggest show wins!  



6 weeks old


This absolutely vibrant red brindle girl caught our attention early on for her breadth of chest and shape!   She is so much fun!  Confident and bold she is a quick learner and excels at whatever she puts her mind to.  Often the first over challenges and barriers during our evaluations she has been a joy to raise and she has stolen our heart!


As we have watched this litter grow it has not been an easy decision about which of our girls would stay in our Program versus go off on their own wonderful adventures.  Both Connie and Whitney were in the running for staying week after week.  In the end we decided our keeper would be Shine from Ardo x Envie, but both of these girls on any given day were also our keepers.  There comes a point for every Breeder that decisions need to be made, otherwise puppies miss out on the wonderful transition time to make their journey into new homes and we find we are growing out 5 puppies as opposed to 2!  It is with great joy for us to share that "Aureate's Apricus" which is Latin for "full of sunshine" whose call name is going to be Whitney, will be loving life with her future family this May.  Whitney will be joining her humans and big whippet brother!

One day you just might see Whitney in the show ring and if you do she will make you look twice because this girl lacks in nothing, least of all confidence!  



9 weeks old


This ever so handsome darkly brindled fawn boy caught our attention shortly after birth for his striking shape.  As he matured he continued to draw our attention for his beautifully assembled shoulder, neck to shoulders and smooth silhouette combined with his solid rear.  Dare's registered name in Latin translates to "to dare is to do" and we know this  handsome boy can accomplish anything he and his new family set their minds to!


Dare represents everything we hoped for when putting this particular breeding together!  His only "fault" for our hopes as our Keeper was that he was born a male.   So instead of adorning our sofa here at Aureate as we do our best to give all our dogs the very best life possible (meaning we do not keep intact males and females together under one roof) it meant Dare was destined to be someone else's beloved companion.  


We are excited to watch this gorgeous boy mature and take on new pursuits including possibly lure coursing and even showing one day!    He has a wonderfully sincere and sweet disposition matched with the impish self confidence of puppy-hood.  We think he's the very best of what we hope for in our Program and we are very thrilled for his family!



6 weeks old


This fawn brindled beauty was born into this world ready for anything.  Before she was even free of her gestational sac she was vigorously crawling and hollering!  As she has grown, she has developed a quiet confidence and independence that we love in our whippets.  She is a real love bug, like all our puppies and thrives on attention and affection from her people and is highly biddable.  Shine ended up winning out over her littermates as our keeper based on her lovely shoulder assembly and neck to shoulders which is something we were looking for in this particular Breeding.  Her registered name "Aureate's Resplendere" is Latin for "to shine brightly" and we think she will certainly do so where ever life takes us and whatever adventures we pursue as a Team. 

We look forward to introducing Shine to the show ring later in the summer!  She will be learning to swim, fetch, travel, crate, camp and all the fun things we do with all of our own whippets that live in house and we think she's rather special! 

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