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Whippet Coat Reviews

As the colder months approach many first time whippet owners scramble to clothe their dogs.  We thought we'd share our experiences.  It should be said that any device or article of clothing added to your dog and not used properly can pose safety risks.  To that end we strongly recommend making these distinctions: walking vs sporting coats.  We also recommend that if you're turning out multiple dogs in your yard you do so without coats unless you are directly supervising them.  Keep in mind whippets cannot tolerate prolonged exposure to cold with their minimal fat stores and lack of a dense coat.  Any coat must be used with common sense regarding potential over exposure to colder temperatures. *It's important to remember areas where the coat is restrictive of the dog's motion will rub hair and inhibit proper muscle use.*

Walking Coats: the dog should only wear the coat while on leash.  The coat is not designed for running.

Sporting Coat: the dog can wear the coat either on or off-leash.  The coat has rear leg straps and is secure while the dog is running.

What about boots for winter? 

  • We discourage the use of boots unless there's a medical reason 

  • If you're walking on treated streets multi-use balloon booties are the best option

  • In winter instead of boots we apply Musher's Secret (a wax) to our dog's feet. 

What about pyjamas or other clothing for indoor use? 

  • Unless your dog is frail or elderly we do not recommend clothing indoors as a safety precaution. 


Sporting Coat: we've used this coat the last three winters and it is a staple in getting our whippets through winter in Canada.  This is truly a versatile coat.  Best suited as the temperature starts to warm and the snow becomes wet or if it's actively snowing.  This coat is more water repellant unlike the Extreme Warmer.
Best use: 0*C - -8*C for colder temperatures add a wool or fleece lining.  Note this coat is no longer available but the Expedition Parka replaces it.


Sporting Coat: this parka replaces the Hurtta Warmer but is essentially the same item for versatility with minor modifications to closures.  Best use: 0*C - -8*C for colder temperatures add a wool or fleece lining.


Sporting Coat: this coat is an absolute essential for whippets living in colder climates.  Not the most fashionable item in your whippet's wardrobe (although it does come in nicer colours now) it is functional!  The website states it's pattern reflects body heat and that's its water repellant but that's not been our experience.  Best use: -5*C- -10*C for colder temperatures add a wool or fleece liner.  In the winter we will add a wool sweater underneath when taking the dogs cross country skiing.


Sporting Coat: we like to think of these overalls as suitable for cutting down the windchill on your whippet.  By themselves they are not warm or lined or waterproof.  If combined with a fleece or wool sweater they become far more practical item for winter use.  In general we don't prefer clothing items to include legs as if not fitted properly can restrict the shoulder action of the dog.  Best use: 2*C- -5*C.  It is slightly more cumbersome to put on your whippet and best reserved for the more sensitive or senior dogs.


Sporting Coat: this coat is phenomenal!  It feels and looks like a product off the rack of a children's apparel.  If you are looking for just one item to get your whippet through the winter we strongly recommend this coat.  It is water repellant and insulated.  Although it is a little pricer we feel the craftsmanship and versatility of the coat are worth it.  Best use: -2*C - -15*C.  Unlike most coats snow does not collect and build up along the legs on this model.  It is truly a well made snowsuit!


Walking Coat: this raincoat is made from waterproof material and lined with a vibrant cotton peacock.  Customers can choose different lining.  The colours are as vibrant in person as they appear in the photo.  The only thing I would change about this coat, would be the sizing.  Whippets tend to get cold, especially in the rain.  So for maximal use if it was slightly larger a fleece or wool liner could be worn underneath.   Just something to consider when measuring your whippet.  Overall it is a high quality handmade item from Poland.


Custom made product at Aureate.

Walking Coat. Although we don't sell our products we feel it is a good example of a wool winter coat.  This coat is double layered with wool and the outer shell is water repellant. There are many shops on Etsy for reasonable prices to find a similar item.

Wool Lined Winter Walking Coat


Walking Coat: this coat is made from thick boiled wool that horse rugs are made from.  It comes from the UK and is sure to turn heads.  While it's more fashionable than versatile we think it makes a nice addition to your whippet's walking attire.  Best use: 5*C- -2*C.


Walking Coat: this coat is made from beautiful Yorkshire Tweed and lined with moleskin.  Overall it is more fashionable than functional if you're looking to get your whippet through winter.  That being said we feel it is a beautiful and whippety coat that is best suited for use in fall.  Best use: 2*C-10 *C.  This coat comes from the UK.


Sporting Coat: This fleece jumper makes a great base layer if you are looking to get through the colder winter months or by itself in the fall.  Although this item does not cover the legs we much prefer it for layering to a traditional onesie.  Best use: depends on whether worn as a base layer or by itself.


Made by Aku Inu knits.  This beautiful 100% wool sweater is a staple in any whippet's collection.  The best use for such an item is similar to a fleece jumper but the wool provides an extra layer of warmth for layering in the winter months.

Hand Knit Wool Sweater


Custom made product at Aureate.

Westminster Wool Coat


Custom made product at Aureate.

Harris Tweed Walking Coat


Walking Coat: This stylish coat is made of a beautiful waxed cotton so typical of British textiles and yet uncommon in North America.  It is best suited for both spring and fall use, the waxed cotton makes it a wonderful and attractive choice for a raincoat.


Walking Coat: This stylish coat is made of a beautiful quilted material that's machine washable.  It is lined with cotton and adorned with a cotton collar. It is best suited for both spring and fall use.

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