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We look forward to sharing our dogs with you and some insights from the whippet community about what it's like to be loved by these magnificent creatures

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AWC’s Fine Art Competition 

 AWC National Specialty 2023 Topeka 

Do you love to create?  Do you appreciate fine art especially in the inspirational form of our beautiful breed?
If so we encourage you to visit the American Whippet Club’s National Specialty page to learn more about the Fine Art Competition taking place in Topeka this April! 

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Annual Highlights from Aureate 

2022 was quite the year! 

Well with a very busy year we’ve left little time to provide regular updates!

Our 2022 highlights include the following:


-Attended Crufts in the UK and placed 2nd in her class of 21 under Breeder judge Mr Knut Blutecher (Showline, Norway) 

-American Whippet Club’s Eastern Specialty won an AOM under Breeder judge Mr Douglas Broadfoot (Broadstrider, USA) with an entry of 167 whippets 

-Won Select Bitch with 60+ bitches entered at MAWRA sponsored specialty under  Sighthound Judge Mr Dana Cline  

-Won two AOM’s in Canada at whippet specialties with big entries under foreign judges

-Won Select Bitch at Whippet Club of Canada’s National Specialty under Breeder judge Mrs. Donna Bennett (Liberty, USA) with an entry of 60+

-Attended the AWC National Specialty in VA Beach and made the cut as a special under Ms Phoebe Booth (Shamasan, USA) 

-Won Hound Group in Canada and in the NOHS in the US 

-Multiple Breed wins in the US with minimal showing and placing in Hound Group 

-Became the first whippet in Canada to earn her GChS 

-Envie ended 2022 with 2 Crufts qualifications for 2023! 


-Made the cut in a massive BBE (adult) class at the National Specialty under Breeder judge  Ms Phoebe Booth

-Finished her AKC Championship at the AWC Midwest Specialty supported weekend under Sighthound Specialist Mr Jon Cole over 28 other females from Bred By! 

-Started working on her Canadian Grand Championship and walked away with multiple group placements almost every time she was shown! 


-Showed once in the spring at a specialty weekend with multiple RWD wins to nice competition

-Finished his Canadian Championship in one weekend earning the remaining of the 5 points needed including wins over nice specials!


-Placed 2nd in her class (AOH) at the National Specialty under Ms Phoebe Booth 

-Placed in her large open classes consistently at specialty weekends (Midwest and North Central)

-Helped secure our win for Team at the AWC National Specialty and placement in Brace!  


-Made his ring debut in the show ring at the International Centre one of the biggest shows in Canada in the fall and will be shown in the Spring of 2023!  

Thank you to the families that love our dogs!  Special thanks to our own family as we couldn’t do this without you!  

Thank you:

-to the judges who’ve rewarded our dogs in the ring

-our fellow competitors who’ve been fun to work with

-our extended dog show family and close friends who have been a joy to plan the year’s adventures with!  

Thank you all!  Looking forward to an exciting and busy 2023! 

Happy New Year! 

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Crufts Qualification

Dec 2021

At Aureate we are excited to share that in 2021 Envie finished the year ranked: 

-the Number 2 Whippet by Breed Points 

-the Number 4 Whippet (All Systems) 

Additionally at the young age of 18 months Envie has earned an invitation to historic the Crufts, in the UK by ranking in the Top 5!   We cannot wait to see what's ahead for our typey girl! 

-Aureate Team

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Another Champion!

Nov 13th 2021

We are excited to share that in short order Soleil earned her Canadian Championship in just under two weekends from the Bred By Class!  Soleil even won Breed under a Hound Judge on November 12th over a nice lineup of Specials!  We think this girl is going to have a lot fun adventures ahead!

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Welcome Home!

Oct 29th-31st 2021

We are pleased to have Soleil back home after some training and showing with the talented Grahm Miller in the US.  We were keen to bring our girl back home this fall to get her in the show ring in Canada before the season comes to a close. Soleil is well on her way to her US Championship and will continue to work on it in 2022!  

In the meantime she debuted at Belleville Kennel Club and picked up a lovely Winner's Female win the one day she was entered from the Bred By class!  This past weekend she continued to do well winning Winner's Female twice and once under a Hound Specialist at the "All Hound Club of Ontario" Regional Specialty!  Soleil now sits only a few points away from her Canadian Championship with extremely limited showing!  We couldn't be prouder of this athletic and cheeky girl!

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Santa Fe National!

October 2021

First of all a large and heartfelt thank you to those who helped make the AWC's National a reality!  What a privilege it was to be able to be able to attend! It's hard to pick any one aspect as a highlight from a week filled with so many and best of all beautiful dogs and wonderful people! 

For us personally, those moments include putting hands on a number of good whippets along with attending the Top 20 which was won by the remarkable Vera (RBIS GChB O'Neill's Intuition at Morado SC FCh bred and owned by Trisha Borland) handled to perfection by her co-owner Leah Hartlep !  Vera was also The People's Choice Award Winner! So well deserved! 

Lastly we are thrilled to share that Envie placed in her competitive Futurity class and Breeder's Sweepstakes under Whippet Breeder Judges Jeanne Lambersten and Cindy Hatcher!  Until next time! 

Photo Credit: Leah Hartlep 

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Making History!

September 5th 2021

Aureate is proud to announce that at Cornwall KC Envie became the first whippet in Canadian history to earn her Bronze Grand Champion level!  She wrapped up the weekend with four back to back Best of Breed wins, a Group 4th, including a Sighthound Specialty Breed win!

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Best in Show!

Owner Handler

We are thrilled to share that Envie won her first Best in Show under renowned Judge Pamela Bruce on August 31st 2021 at Monarch Kennel Club!  

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What a Fabulous Summer!

August 2021

Soleil has continued to impress us by picking up multiple RWB's to respectable majors while making her way around the ring with Grahm!   Thank you girls!  She picked up another couple of points over the weekend in Doswell, VA by going WB over some nice competition.  While back at home in Canada Envie has been working towards her GCH Bronze level and she's almost halfway there!  

Prin is now a Canadian Champion and Rowan is well on his way too!  For us at Aureate we are beyond thrilled that every single one of our show prospects from this litter is either titled in one or two countries or on their way to be! 

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Printacular Prin!

August 8th 2021

It came as no surprise to us at Aureate that Prin earned her Canadian Championship only a month after her debut; exclusively from the Canadian Bred Class and with extremely limited showing!

Can Ch Aureate's Sweet Printemps

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Isn't She Grand!

August 1st 2021

We named her after the French word for a "wish/desire" and Envie has been nothing short of a dream to show!    Thank you to all the judges who have recognized our promising youngster and we look forward to watching her mature.  Although the wins have been fabulous our dogs always come first and we have been enjoying every minute with this girl!

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Prin makes a Splash!

July 31st 2021

Prin has been special for a couple of reasons here at Aureate, so it's been an absolute delight to get her in the ring!  Especially as she reminds us of her dam, Fleur in terms of showmanship.  We have been very selective in showing her, but in short order Prin is within 3 points of her Canadian Championship after another fabulous win at Barrier KC on Sunday! This is her third time going Winner's Bitch with limited showing.  Prin even won a competitive RWB on Saturday!  Regardless of when Prin finishes her Championship we couldn't be prouder of her, she has matured into an elegant and refined girl with spectacular movement!

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Summer Shows

July-August 2021

We are excited to share that Soleil was the first of our whippets to make a debut at an American Whippet Club Specialty!  She was presented beautifully by the talented Grahm Miller in the highly competitive 12-18 month class!  We were thankful for the opportunity to have our girl compete and many of our colleagues felt the same way as the entries this year were nothing short of impressive!  Although we did not come away with any big wins for Soleil, we were extremely honoured that she placed in her class almost every day!   We can't wait to see what these two accomplish next!  

(Photo credit: Wolfpine)  

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A New Champion!

July 16th 2021

We are thrilled to share that in only two show weekends Envie earned her Canadian Championship with multiple Best of Breed wins over Specials and a Group placement!  Introducing
Am/Can Ch Aureate's Sweet Envie!

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Back on the Dock!

June 26th 2021

Welcome to summer!   We're so happy to finally be back at some of our favourite activities with the dogs!   Stay safe this summer and keep your dog's cool.

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The Terrific Team!

US Ch Aureate's Sweet Envie

We couldn't be prouder of these two!  Grahm Miller who is a talented third generation Hound woman and professional handler with an eye for movement finished Envie's dam in only three weekends (and that was ringside pickup no less)!  When Envie started coming together we knew exactly where we wanted to send this dark brindled girl, whose movement we wanted to showcase.   Thank you Grahm and your Team for doing such a wonderful job!

-Aureate Whippets

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We have a NEW Champion!

May 31st 2021

Envie finished her US championship in less than a month of showing with Grahm Miller!  To top things off she finished with three Majors (4,4 and 5 points) and all but one of her wins were under Hound or Breeder Judges!  We could not be more proud and thrilled with this girl!

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Envie Makes a Splash in Delaware

April 29th-May 2nd  2021

We are absolutely delighted with this girl and how she is coming together.  Envie has been special from birth and we are humbled that amongst stunning competition two judges found her awarding her not one but two 4 point Majors over the weekend!  Our VeeVee, as we call her went WB from the 9-12 month class then onto BOS over some beautiful special bitches on April 29th.  On the Friday she went RWB to the Major, only to earn her second 4 point Major by going WB on the Saturday.  When we tallied the entry VeeVee was 1 entry away from earning a 5 point Major on the Saturday!  Our girl is presented beautifully by Grahm Miller, thank you Grahm!     

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The Aureate Crew Debut!

March 31st 2021

We are proud to formally introduce our pups in the Whippet Feature of Canadian Dog Fancier's online newsletter!   We could not be happier with how they are maturing and cannot wait to share them with the fancy!

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Back in the Ring

March 20th 2021

What a wonderful day we had celebrating our lovely purpose-bred dogs!  Thank you to Oxford Dog Sports, their staff, volunteers and our judges for making this show possible.  It was great to get our young prospects back in the ring while abiding COVID guidelines.  We also owe a big thank you to Rowan's co-owner for letting him come out and show.  We cannot keep every puppy in our litters that has potential, so we appreciate wonderful homes who make it all possible! 

Well our pups delivered quite a performance.  Rowan went Best of Winners in the first show against lovely class bitches.  To our delight Prin walked into the Breed ring as well going Winner's Bitch against competition!  The second show Soleil was entered (along with Rowan, Prin and nice outside competition) and thrilled us by taking Breed at only 9 months of age.  She also went on to win Best Puppy in Group and Hound Group 3!   We had much to celebrate, but most of all it was a privilege just getting back in the ring! 

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Luxury Whippet Collars

Although we are not involved with handcrafting these exquisite whippet collars a family member makes them.  If you are interested in adding to your collar collection and are looking for one of a kind and couture collars check out their store on Etsy and you can follow them on Facebook

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Aureate Announces the Launch of Our Blog

January 2021

As part of our interest in providing education and general resources to our Aureate Family and future whippet owners we hope to provide some useful information from time to time.  Fleur is a little bashful, but don't close your eyes, head on over to our Blog section to learn more!  

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Holiday Greetings

December 23rd 2020

From our family to yours, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a  Happy New Year!   May the year ahead bring you much happiness and continued health. 

Best Wishes, 

Aureate Whippets

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Envie's Best Debut!

December 5th-6th 2020

What a wonderful weekend it was!  We are extremely grateful to Oxford Dog Sports for organizing another weekend where we in the purebred dog fancy were given the opportunity are about to showcase our dogs. This show was hosted at their lovely new facility and was wonderfully run following all safe COVID protocols.  Thank you to the staff and volunteers for all your hard work! 

Our girls had another spectacular weekend making their official debut at just 6 months of age!  The highlight of the weekend was when Envie won Winner's Bitch against a lovely lineup of class bitches.  She then went on to win Best of Breed followed by Group!  What an unanticipated delight!  To top it off she won Best Puppy in Show against a competitive lineup of young prospects!  Congratulations to all the winners this weekend and to ABI and Oxford Dog Sports for another fantastic weekend!

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Soleil Wins Big for Aureate

November 21st-22nd 2020

We packed up the girls for what will likely be the last dog show for some time given the ongoing challenges surrounding COVID.  Off we went to Bright, Ontario for an ABI Dog Show Weekend.  Soleil and Envie were both entered.  This was the girls first time at an indoor venue.  Not only did they show well but Soleil walked away with not one but two Best Baby Puppy in Shows against lovely competition.  Thank you to Oxford Dog Sports and all the volunteers for a wonderful weekend, COVID safe protocols and one last jaunt around the ring.

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Wildwood Winter Show

November 6th-8th 2020

It goes without saying that us in the purebred dog community are beyond impressed with Dean Dennis and the Show committee that rallied again to pull off their third dog show!   Congratulations!  Our girls had a wonderful weekend not to mention the weather was absolutely spectacular, sunny and warm!  Envie was entered on the Friday and won baby puppy breed against lovely competition.  She then went on to win Hound Group (baby Puppy) against some truly lovely puppies!  We did not make it any further in the BIS lineup, but we were absolutely delighted with how well this girl showed.  She's an absolute joy to gait; moving out in front on a loose lead!  Soleil was entered over the weekend and although she didn't follow her sister's wins she did give us her best ring performance to date!  So all in all a wonderful weekend!

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Wildwood Kennel Club

October 23rd-25th 2020

First off another heartfelt congratulations to Dean Dennis, the Wildwood Show Committee and the all of volunteers that made this weekend a reality.  Thank you!  The dog fancy salutes you! 

This time Aureate did not walk away with any big wins, but our girls had a fabulous time away for the weekend, learning about life on the road and developing their hotel manners.  They showed well against some nice competition in their classes and we look forward to continuing with their training in the future!  Congratulations to all the winners, it was  privilege to share the ring with you. 

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Winter is Coming!

It's officially coat season

Check out our Whippet Coat Reviews under our new page and you can find more ideas on our Resources page.  

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Our pups in the Oct 21st 2020 issue of Canadian Dog Fancier

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Modelling our newest collars

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Happy Thanksgiving!

October 9th-12th

Thank you to Wildwood Kennel Club Show Committee who at the last minute faced changing venues literally within days of the show! Congratulations to Dean Dennis, his team and the small army of volunteers who rallied together to pull off the monumental task of putting on a dog show amidst further COVID restrictions.  THANK YOU, the dog fancy salutes you! 

It is no exaggeration to say what a privilege it was to be able to take our pups out this weekend.  As we've said before the goal with young puppies is to ensure they have fun first and foremost.  Results in the ring are secondary.  Well our three more than succeeded!  Rowan had a spectacular weekend winning breed (baby puppy) every show against outside competition except one!  He also went on to win three Baby Puppy Groups!  This boy is truly something remarkable with his effortless ground covering movement, plucky attitude and almost perfect free-stacks at 4.5 months old! Rowan is a handler's dream in the ring! 

Not to be outdone, our girls had a few more hurdles in the ring (having to compete against littermates along with other baby puppies).  Those of you know showing multiple young puppies can feel a little like a circus!  Envie ended the weekend with a couple of class wins but more importantly she started showing beautifully and having fun.  Soleil also won her class a couple of times and once we figured out her secret to free-stacks (chicken) she was electric!   We don't know when we'll be able to hit the ring again this winter but we hope to have a few surprises in store! 

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A preview from our fall photo shoot!

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Another Fun Weekend!

September 19th-20th 2020

We ventured off to our first ABI Dog Show weekend held in Bright, Ontario.  We packed up our solid brindle twins: Rowan and Envie!  I was looking forward to Saturday's hound judges and they did not disappoint!  Both puppies were extremely well received and I was absolutely honoured at the feedback the judges gave.  Rowan and Envie both earned a Reserve Best Baby Puppy in Show in separate shows.  On the Sunday the temperature was slightly more whippet friendly (as opposed to the chilly frost that greeted us the day before)!  What an introduction of what's to come this winter for these pups!  Envie showed beautifully and started gaiting on a loose lead which made me extremely proud, she went on to earn a Best Baby Puppy in Show!  Thank you the to ABI organizers and Oxford Dog Sports for a wonderful show weekend, great ring procedure, nice venue and COIVD protocols.  We look forward to coming again!

thumb_Rowan movment_1024.jpg
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Rowan Wins Big for Aureate

September 5th 2020

Well we loaded up the vehicle and travelled to Delhi, Ontario for a Sighthound Specialty!  It was our litter's first official UKC Debut and they did not disappoint!  We had Rowan, Envie and Soleil competing in Novice Puppy, which is the equivalent to the CKC's Baby Puppy (3-6 months of age).  Soleil won her class and then Rowan won Best Novice Puppy in Breed.  He then went on to win Best Novice Puppy in Specialty Show against a beautiful lineup of young prospects!  We were absolutely delighted to have our young boy rewarded at a Specialty when he is just shy of 15 weeks of age!  We would like to thank the United Greyhound Club for hosting a spectacular weekend and wish everyone luck as they continue to lure course over the weekend! 

We hope to put a few more ring miles on our prospects this fall.  Much of our plans depend on what happens regarding COVID and further provincial restrictions.  Stay tuned for updates as we're optimistic this won't be our last show update of 2020!

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We are featured in Canadian Dog Fancier!

September 2nd 2020

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Ring Debut!

August 30th 2020

Well a lot of planning went into orchestrating the debut of our four beautiful Declan x Fleur puppies.  First of all there was quite a while when even the thought of having a dog show amidst the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic seemed like a fantasy.  To actually have the opportunity to get these pups in the ring was nothing short of marvellous! 

The Baby Puppy class in Canada is for ring experience only and puppies are between 3-6 months of age.  They do not compete for points.  We entered: Envie, Soleil, Prin and Rowan.  Not only did they hit the ground striding out beautifully, best of all they enjoyed every minute at the beautiful Dorchester Fairgrounds.  This was the first time seeing a variety of different dogs many of them coated and all experienced while observing provincial socially distanced protocols. 

Soleil won her class and followed by Envie and Prin against outside competition.  Then Rowan and Soleil competed against each other and Soleil was awarded Best Baby Puppy in Breed!  At this age our main focus is continuing to build positive experiences for the puppies and for us this weekend was a massive success!  They stayed in their first hotel room, slept soundly in their crates overnight, had a wonderful time in the ring and made many new fans.  We started to see the results of all our hard work and Puppy Culture start to pay off!  We cannot wait to get them in the ring again!   Stay tuned for more updates, we have lots planned this fall!

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