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Satin Balls

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

This post is for our puppy owner's reference. Please do not go adding this to your dog's diet if you haven't discussed this first with your dog's breeder. Satin balls are nutrient dense food made for the primary purpose of weight gain. They are often used to help dogs that have been malnourished to put on weight. We do not recommend you using them without ruling out medical issues with your veterinarian first. Of course the vast majority of whippet puppies may become a bit gangly and thin after a growth spurt and it's not the result of underlying illness.

Below is the list of ingredients. You will mix all the ingredients together to make what looks like meatball sized servings of satin balls. The ground beef is to be prepared (kept raw) and NOT cooked. This is a raw dish that must be frozen first before you offer it to your dog. (Freezing kills any bacteria found in the raw meat, so freeze for at least 24 hours before offering it up to your dog.) When you do serve it, consider it as an additive to their food and not a replacement. With all things, start slowly and introduce 1-2 satin balls at a time. Make sure the balls are fully thawed. Whippets tend not to like cold food, so you can microwave them so they're warm but NOT cooked. Additionally, if you're trying to help your whippet gain weight it's best to offer them a couple of meals a day. So instead of offering them a larger supper, consider dividing their food up over breakfast and supper or a midday meal and supper.

-3/4 cup unsulfurated molasses
-6 cups Total cereal
-7.5 cups raw oatmeal
-2 cups wheat germ
-5 eggs
-2/3 cup vegetable oil
-5 packets of gelatin
-5 lbs of lean ground beef (why lean? the idea is to slowly increase their intake and not upset their GI by giving them diarrhea)
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