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Lure Coursing

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Lure coursing is a sport that only sighthounds are eligible to compete in. Competitors chase a mechanized lure over a minimum distance of 600 yards. The lure is taken around a field by pulleys and the course is setup to mimic the chase a prey animal would give when in flight mode. Its an incredible sight to behold and we encourage all our puppy owners to at least witness it once in their lives!
It is not simply a test of speed, dogs are scored on the following aspects by a licensed judge:
Soleil lure coursing (2023)

  • Enthusiasm 15 points

  • Follow 15 points

  • Speed 25 points

  • Agility 25 points

  • Endurance 20 points

Totalling 100 points

Sighthounds can run in "singles" meaning by themselves or once certified that they run cleanly can run in heats of three dogs of the same breed. If they are a Field Champion, they run in that division otherwise the non-champions run in "Open". In order to eligible to compete, dogs must be a CKC registered sighthound and be 12 months of age or older. Although we do not lure course, all our dogs run. Featured below is Fleur the future granddam of our next litter, running 10 weeks post-whelp! Way to go Fleur! If you are interested in getting involved in lure coursing reach out to us and we are happy to point you in the right direction!

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