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Crate Training your Puppy

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

At Aureate all of our dogs and puppies are introduced to crate training. We have very carefully made positive introductions to this and the next steps are up to you. We fully expect your puppy to regress and protest their crate/condo time when they go to their new homes because it’s a significant change in their comfort zone.

Here are a few quick tips. Keep in mind when we say “crate training” at this point we really are meaning the puppy condo.

NEVER use the crate as punishment. It’s their safe space and shouldn’t be used as negative reinforcement. If you’re too busy to watch your puppy then don’t set them up for failure. Into the crate they go.

The crate is THEIR space, that means no one should crawl inside it to pose for cute photos. Children need to be told that they are not allowed to go inside the crate.
When it’s crate time, don’t make a big deal about it. Turn on the radio, put your puppy in the crate
and walk away. Do not say “goodbye”. Do not even make eye contact with your puppy. What you don’t realize is how you’re communicating with them through body language. If you unintentionally give them a mournful look as you place them in the crate, they WILL associate the crate with a negative experience.

Never fuss over your puppy when they exit the crate. If they’ve been good in the crate that’s terrific but don’t praise it. You need to act like coming out of the crate is the most mundane exercise. Take them out for a potty then reward them.

Expect the puppy to be in their condo for the next couple of months while they learn to housetrain even after they’re able to hold their bladder overnight.

At Aureate we DO NOT rush to enclose them in the crate. IF you’re going to be gone for 2-4 hours your puppy will be much happier in their condo where they can walk around and stretch than in their crate.

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