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Communicating with your Breeder

This might be seem like an odd topic for some, but trust us, it's worth the read!

While the only Breeder we can confidently speak for is ourselves, we do feel sometimes pet families struggle to understand how to optimize their communication rapport with their Breeder! Have you ever been to see your physician to discuss say "Problem A" yet your physician focuses on something you didn't even see as an issue and the appointment then becomes about "Problem B"? Well sometimes that's how working with your Breeder can feel. Things you felt were an issue, your Breeder isn't concerned about or offers you advice about both Problem A and Problem B.

Now let's put this into perspective. At Aureate we've dedicated a lot of time, energy and interest in learning as much as we can about both the Breed and our individual dogs. We've travelled the world with our dogs and picked up as much knowledge as possible along the way. In all likelihood there is no one else in the world who knows more about their whippets and their program, both in behaviour, personality and general health than your Breeder. No one in the world loves your dog as much as you, aside from your Breeder. So if you approach this dynamic recognizing that in all likelihood your Breeder is speaking from a place of experience and wisdom, it becomes easier to re-shift focus when communicating with your Breeder and address things they recommend. After all where else can you get a lifetime of support and around the clock advice other than your Breeder?!

Additionally, sometimes we as Breeders are at a loss for what is actually being asked. Are we being informed about an issue or are there unsaid or intimated questions that need addressing? Therefore, we are apt to almost always offer our recommendations and advice. Keep in mind, your Breeder is not likely being defensive nor are they likely offended when issues are discussed. This is part of life. We'd prefer to hear about any hiccups or challenges you're experiencing at the very beginning, not after it's been going on for weeks! Often times we will have ready made solutions or advice that will remedy the situation. Sometimes, it's a bit of back and forth or trial and error. Be HONEST with yourself and your Breeder about something they've suggested. Did it really fail? Or were you not adequately committed to following through. Do you need to give it a proper go? If so, that's ok, we understand you're just as human as us, but don't fail to follow through and come back saying the advice didn't work. We'll likely be able to read between the lines anyway!

Think of your Breeder as you and your dog's biggest advocate, kind of like a grandparent who has been there seen it all and done it all. They're coming from a place of love and genuine desire to see you both succeed. With this in mind, it becomes much easier to both discuss things with them and accept their advice. If you sometimes feel like they're asking all the tough questions, know that it's because more than anything they're trying to understand the situation not judge you and your family, but to understand how to be of assistance by getting to the heart of the matter. If in doubt, pick up the phone and call your Breeder! If we don't have an immediate answer, we will work hard to network with our peers to provide you with a solution!
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