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 Aureate Whippets

Our treasure has four legs and beauty is just the beginning 

About Us

The word "Aureate" means gilded in gold or of a brilliant golden light.  At Aureate we believe that describes the elegance and allure of our breed, but our dogs are more than just beautiful companions.  Our whippets are intense athletes and incredibly versatile!  

We spent two decades in equestrian sports, riding competitively.  For us movement is more than an aesthetic, it is the expression of structure and the illustration of balance.  As such it is one of our top considerations along with type.

We are a small Canadian Kennel Club registered breeder who is committed to the health and well-being of our dogs, the breed and the purebred dog community.  We prioritize health, temperament and soundness in our program and take pride in presenting our dogs around the world!  We are members in good standing with the National Whippet Club of Canada and the American Whippet Club.  We are located 1.5 hours northeast of Toronto, Ontario.  

All our dogs are health tested and you can find their results on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) page.


Living with History

Breed Background

Our breed is native to the United Kingdom and comes from humble origins.  Although sighthounds have been recorded throughout history for 1000's of years there were no official record of whippets until the turn of the 20th century.  Our breed was a working man's dog whose purpose was to course down rabbits from the field for their master's supper.  They were also used for recreational racing and have been likened to the "poor man's race horse".  

In the 21st century although we no longer depend on their workability for our dinner the preservation of the initial purpose of whippets is important to us as breeders. Our dogs must be not only fit for function, but of sound body and mind.  Living with any sighthound one has to be mindful of their more primitive side and by that we mean their prey drive.  

Whippets are one of the fastest accelerators in the canine world and are breathtaking to behold.  They are creatures of immense strength, agility and power; that is when they are not lounging on your sofa like a baroque painting that has come to life!   

To that end our breed is not a universal dog.  Sighthounds make devoted companions and wonderful family members for the right people. 

Our dogs are family and share our home.  All our litters are raised with the greatest of care at home.  Our whippets are year round exercise companions from cross country skiing in the winter to swimming in the summer.  They make wonderful couch warmers and stealer of blankets. 

If you want to learn more about whippets check out our "About" page.


Contact Us

Please take the time to introduce yourself and what you are looking for in a whippet.  If you haven't received a reply within 1 week send a follow up e-mail as we've missed yours.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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