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Pandemic Puppies

So here we are in our second Province wide lockdown. We said privately before the reality of the pandemic reached into our private lives and disrupted our very ordinary sense of normal, that on a simplistic and selfish level the pandemic was going to be bad for reputable dog Breeders. Now ten months later even the mainstream media is talking about pandemic puppies.

So you want a dog? Really? You want a dog NOW during the pandemic? REALLY?!

We strongly encourage ANYONE thinking of bringing a dog home into your lives to ask some very hard questions. Sure you're lonely and looking for companionship, we absolutely understand the deep human desire for connection. Sharing our lives with dogs gives one not only a sense of purpose and motivation, but a deep connection with the world around us. We understand that, more than most, but what we would ask anyone considering a dog is not can you care for one now, but can you care for one POST-pandemic? You know, when our lives go back to some sense of normal. If you're presently working from home during the pandemic how are you going to manage that long commute with your dog waiting patiently at home for you? Does that mean you hire a dog walker during the week? Can you afford it? Have you raised your puppy in such a manner that they won't be able to cope with your absence when you're no longer working from home?

Please remember that puppies grow into adults. Any dog is a commitment for their LIFETIME, not just to see you through the challenges of a world seized by COVID.

Are you really willing to bring home a dog and see that companion into old age? Are you sure you're ready for the hard work and hiccups that are ahead? It's not all cute moments and cuddles. It's expensive caring for a dog. Do you have a bit of money put aside for Emergency Medical care? If you're only interested in a puppy for today, to see you through the pandemic, don't do it! If you aren't committed to caring for that best friend as their face greys, their eye's cloud over with age and their joints stiffen, if you can't see them through to that agonizing final goodbye, then please don't bother wasting our time with hello. Our dogs are family and once you become part of our extended family, it's with the understanding that you'll respect and care for that dog for a lifetime.

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